Must Ask When Inquiring For Wedding Photography Services

When your wedding celebration comes to an end, what’s left with you are the memories of your big, special day. Thankfully, there are wedding pictures that allow you to go back and reminisce on what transpired on the most memorable day of your life. Because wedding photographs serve as an eternal souvenir of your special day, it becomes a must to hire the most reliable, trusted and reputable wedding photography services that will cover, capture, and catch the relevant and heartwarming moments of your wedding day.

When you prepare for your wedding, booking a wedding photographer is one of the initial things that you must accomplish. Wedding photographers are always busy and in demand, most especially if the schedule of your wedding falls on the peak months. If you want to book the best in the industry, you must immediately set an appointment to the wedding photographers that belong to your list so to learn right away their style of shooting, wedding packages and photography rates.

When you are already face-to-face with the wedding photographer that you are considering, what are the questions that you need to ask? If you have no idea on what to ask, the list below will guide you through when inquiring for a wedding photography service:

These questions will help you decide on who to get on your wedding day

• Are you available on our wedding?

• How advance do we have to book you?

• Are you willing to travel if our wedding is out of town? How much do you charge for destination weddings?

• How long have you been in the wedding photography business?

• Do you strictly follow a particular style (candid, documentary, traditional, journalistic, creative, etc.), or are you flexible when it comes to shooting weddings?

• What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

• How many are you in the team?

• What time will you arrive on the day of the wedding?

• What equipment do you use in covering weddings?

• Do you use digital shooting or film format?

• How do you process your photos?

• Do you have a special wedding package that we can avail for a special discount?

• May we customize your package so it fits our budget?

• Do we have you for the entire wedding celebration, or do you serve more than one client on the same day?

• How many weeks or months do we have to wait before we get hold of the wedding photos or the wedding album?