Choosing and planning to cover wedding photography in Blue Mountains region is an opportunity for a wedding photographer to showcase the astonishing scenery and incorporate it in your wedding album. The spectacular and breathtaking views of the valleys covered in your wedding album reflects a whole new and different type of photography that you can opt for. Here is what you need to know about the specifics of the wedding photography covered in the Blue Mountains.

Combatting the Sun

One of the biggest challenges that a photographer as to face in the outdoor photography is the direct sunlight that reflects and reveals the dark circles of the bride and grooms skin; something that should not be clearly visible, at least not in the wedding album. The most difficult part of the wedding photography done outdoors is the no such control over the sunlight. Make sure that when you are covering a wedding photography for an outdoor event, your exposure is just right and you are not trying to put dark and light elements composed in a single frame.

Simple yet Operative Timeline Tunings

For photographers from Sarkodie Photography, it is a photography assessment to cover the event or photoshoot of the bride and groom if they need the portraits during the afternoon. It is suggested to communicate it to the clients beforehand to get their portraits captured at sunset as the environment helps in getting the pictures turn out at their best. The best set-up for covering the photography of the bride and groom is late afternoon where there is perfect dramatic lighting.

Complexity of the Field

When people opt for outdoor wedding shoot, this means that the setting is very important for the clients and they are actually looking for the destination to be covered in their photography. This means that the background and the beauty of the outdoor environment needs to be incorporated in the pictures which is why shooting with wide angled lenses is a must.

Dynamic Range

Another obstacle that is often seen being faced by the photographers is covering an outdoor shoot which is usually of the dynamic range. Since outdoor photography itself is a challenging part of photography, a simple high quality camera is not something that would be handy here. A natural density filter can also be used as a helpful tool in making a major difference while matching the light and the dark elements.


When clicking a picture, one of the elements that is often overlooked is the foreground. It adds up to the context and leads the viewers to focus on the subject i.e. the bride and the groom in terms of wedding photography.

Hope these tips and tricks helped you in some way as by incorporating these elements in a wedding photography event, the results that will come out will be tremendous.